Saturday, February 11, 2012

Alexander Skarsgård, a Reporter and a Bathroom?

A fun, little article appeared on my Google Alerts straight from The New York Observer about a guest appearance of my favorite actor Alexander Skarsgard at some event during Fashion Week. I'm first going to tell you what I liked about the article and then I'm going to give you the appropriate eye-roll comments. The writer definitely captures Alex's great sense of humor when he asked him how he got there and Alex gave the perfect smart-ass reply by the elevator. I nodded and appreciated his sense of humor in messing with the reporter. He must have been in a good mood. And the recent pictures taken of him lately he has seemed in very good spirits, which is nice to see. Their playful banter continued with more smart-ass replies, but I'll let you read the article for the details. And any true and sarcastic smart-ass is a guy to love, but only if it's harmless and fun. I'm not a fan of mean-spirited smarty remarks. All right so here comes the eye-roll commentary: did the reporter really need to dish on the trip to the urinal? Really? Is nothing left that is sacrosanct anymore? Since when did we need to know they trekked off together to the bathroom? I guess I'm just a good old-fashioned writer who thinks some thing need not be "reported" on, and I'm willing to suggest the reportage of bathroom discussions wasn't really necessary. Well, to end my little commentary here this morning, I will say that as is almost always the case when I read these things, the gracious Mr. Skarsgård gave the reporter an apparent pep talk on how to meet women. The fact that the reporter also called him the "nicest vampire" is just another confirmation of what I've recognized already and a friend I met of his at a recent party also said, "He is very nice!" Love it. Unlike some women, I adore nice, gracious, kind and thoughtful men. You go Alex! All that great karma is going to serve you well, as it is already.

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