Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Vamp Time = More Alexander Skarsgård Time on True Blood

Just got a notice in on a great spoiler alert that Season 5 of my all-time favorite vamp series True Blood will focus more on the vamps! Well good thing! I was starting to think they should call it True Witch Craft or True Maenads or whatever. Too much time got spent on the oh-so-whiney and not-very-interesting Marnie, the disenfranchised witch and memory stealer. So glad she's gone! Who liked her anyway? She wasn't even a sexy witch like Samantha! Somebody said she was supposed to be a woman in her forties. Hey people! I'm in my forties, and I thought Marnie looked more like she was pushing 60. Just my opinion anyway. So, back to the vamps! Yes, Alan Ball is giving us some much-needed vamp time, and I am absolutely positive that newly turned baby vamp Steve Newlin is sure to stir up loads of trouble. I can imagine he'll be all icky sweet topped with a heaping of hateful and vicious. He was a big hater before now imagine what he'll do as a self-empowered vamp on a rampage. Yeah bring it on. And let's not forget something else that is WAY more important. More vamp time = more Alexander Skarsgård aka Eric Northman, my all-time favorite vamp, period. Now Alan Ball, if you're listening, don't you go skimping on our Eric time in favor of too many new and unfamiliar faces. Your fans like a little spice every now and again, but "old" spice works just fine, too. Every scene Eric Northman inhabits is a scene worth watching! Just saying. So let's bring on some good old-fashioned blood-sucking fun!!

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