Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Favorite Things

Okay, I'm going to be all "Oprah-like" (without the free giveaways LOL) and share my favorite things so maybe they will become your favorite things. Here we go.

Pandora Radio -- I adore Pandora. I pay the extra $30 a year for unlimited listening. I have my channels, and I listen to it almost all day long on my computer while I work. You customize specific channels by artist, and then the "music genome" project sorts by style and creates a channel loaded with similar music. It also connects to artist information and background and tells you albums, lyrics and titles so you can link over to Amazon to buy your favorites. You don't have to pay anything if you don't want to. It's FREE, but if you listen for FREE you are limited in time you are allowed to listen each month.

My True Blood DVD Collection, Season 1, 2 and 3 -- I am sure you wouldn't be surprised I own all of the box sets of my favorite show. I listen to show commentaries and enjoy the bonus features. You cannot be a Truebie (and if you don't know what is a Trubie then you're not a real "fan") and not own the collection. My personal favorite is Season 3. I like parts of Season 2 and when Season 4 comes out, I will like parts of it, too. I also like that I can watch reruns whenever I can't find anything else to watch.

White House Black Market -- Yes, I would say it's safe to say 80 percent of my wardrobe comes from White House Black Market. They dress professional women with a nice added edginess that keeps my wardrobe fresh and exciting. I don't want to blend into the background with boring clothes. I love their clothes, shoes and accessories. And each season they introduce their "splash" color so my wardrobe isn't strictly white and black. I've been photographed in their clothes in my media interviews to no end. I love this store.

HARO or Help a Reporter Out -- Adore HARO! I have used HARO in so many ways to enhance my business. I have responded to major queries from the likes of Success Magazine and got featured from it. I responded to Elle, Redbook and dozens of others to be feature, too. It's another FREE service in which queries land right in your in-box once you sign up. I have also put out queries for books and radio show guest and been pleased with the tremendous response. Gotta love HARO.

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