Sunday, February 19, 2012

Moneyball is a Fantastic Movie Full of Inspiration

I has been a very long time since I've watched a seamless, perfect movie, but last night I watched Moneyball on Blu-Ray and all I have to say is bravo! What a fine film. Starring Brad Pitt, whose acting chops have never impressed me in the past, Moneyball is centrally about a man, a vision and a desire to make it come true. Pitt's Billy Bean is a haunted man with a vision to change the business of baseball, and he sets off undaunted to meet the challenge. The story is absolutely about the journey, but isn't it always truly about the journey? This movie mirrors so much of what I'm working toward right now in my own life and reminded me to stay the course just the same way Billy stays the course even when it becomes plainly obvious the plan isn't working. When he asks his assistant general manager played by Jonah Hill in a quiet, resolute performance if he believes it will work, Hill's character quietly says yes. Right there! Right there is the message: BELIEVE! Billy believes, stays the course, overcomes the obstacles by taking action, and sticks with it until the payoff. This movie is one big metaphor about the power of passion and purpose to stick to your dream no matter what happens. It finely illustrates right when you "think" you should quit is NOT the time to quit. Keep going! Believe in your vision. Make it happen and it will happen. In the end, Billy's vision wasn't absolutely perfect -- they didn't win the World Series -- but they did break the record and win 20 consecutive games in a row. And just to perfect the story, we are reminded to not forget to enjoy the journey, too. Wow! This movie is powerful! I hope it wins at the Oscars, and I hope when you watch you understand the deeper message.

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  1. This movie was engaging. I actually liked that they could get the information they needed to change up what was going on with the team through analytical means. Geek girls rock.

    The movie had heart that is for sure as well. Some where I have to find all my 70's pictures of me in A's regalia holding props and such. I was born here in northern California and went to many a game on my parents knees.

    A story like this is just that much more fun and enjoyable when your roots are tied up in parts of it. Never mind to now live in Sacramento with the River Cats and their connections with the A's.

    Whodathunk it me a sports fan! hahahah