Thursday, February 16, 2012

X-Rated What? Adults Only? Girls Just Want to Have Fun vs. Gone Wild?

Just for the record, this is a rambling blog that probably goes in nowhere circles ...

So, I can't say what this request was in reference to ... but suffice it to say I was "queried" about writing for this X-rate project based on my steamy and sexy writing skills as evidenced in California Girl Chronicles. I'm sort of marveling over this request a bit. I mean, yes, California Girl is sexy. Yes, the sex is steamy. Not quite sure whether it would be defined as X-Rated. I'm also a comedic writer so I guess this is a plus, too, for this project. I never imagined myself writing anything exactly X-rated so how about NC-17 or  a firm, for-real R rating? Or maybe I'm just corrupted and all blah about sex itself and I don't get squeamish about it. But hey! I do have my standards for sure. While my book is sexy it's still tasteful. So, when I think of an X-rated anything, I think the "X factor" is a little like a perfectly good Merlot gone bitter. We have another steamy book in the 3L Publishing catalog, and in my opinion, it's far more "X-rated" then California Girl Chronicles for sure. I joke with my publicist that as long as we don't get into anything that has anything remotely to do with KY or anything that falls into the "juices" family, we're not getting an X rating. I've decided I'll adopt the more European attitude about it and be all blah and cavalier. I love it during an interview with our Swedish rapscallion Alexander Skarsgård when he's asked about a joke about a camera in the "cock sock" and the interviewer can't bring herself to say "cock" and ole Mr. Skarsgård sits there unflinching and unmoved even by her admitted embarrassment. See! Now that's a European attitude! And I guess if I actually possessed said European attitude, I might not care in the least if someone thinks I'm just perfect for an X-rated writing project LOL.

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