Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Spoof Site Announces Alexander Skarsgard and God Odin - Fake Out!

Yesterday, a spoof website announced that my favorite actor Alexander Skarsgard had won the part of the God Odin in the Twilight Saga. Now I should have known immediately it was a "fake-out" when they included an over-buff picture of some Viking guy with Skarsgard's name in the caption. I frowned at it. I also should have known it was preposterous because I once heard Skarsgard "sort of" mock the Twilight guys when he raised his voice to a sing-song level when an interviewer was asking him a comparison between Twilight and True Blood vampires. It wasn't so much that he was mocking Twilight as much as he was sort of imitating the interviewer. I don't know if it revealed his feelings about the series or not, but it was funny. Anyway, back to the spoof. I kept reading and toward the bottom, it also had a parody of the supposed director, who rudely said something to the interviewer about going back to his/her chasing of political candidates.

I have to tell you the spoof worked for like two minutes. Although I was scratching my head over the weird picture and the printing of the rude comment. Turns out, it was a mocking gesture. Not totally sure what was the point of the mocking. I did for a moment think, "Well, I'll see him in the movie with my teenage son who likes Twilight." I personally would only watch Twilight movies only to appease my son. I am no fan of the series. I don't care for the Stephenie Meyer's novels either. I am the wrong demographic ;), which is a nice way of saying I'm not a tween, teen or young adult. And sorry, but while I enjoy Charlaine Harris' work (about 50% of it), I just don't admire anything in Meyer's writing. And this is why it also didn't make sense to me that the mature Skarsgard, who has made a point of pursuing really good film work, would audition for Twilight in the first place. Could be wrong ... but just saying! You never know, though, because I really don't know what I'm talking about LOL. Maybe he will be a Viking God in Twilight or something else. I read he had a Viking film optioned by Warner Bros. so you never know!


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