Monday, February 13, 2012

Always Go with Your Gut to Achieve Success!

When I started the process to promote California Girl Chronicles, I was swimming in a new area (for me as an author). It is my first novel. I've written three non-fiction books and hundreds of magazine articles. I am learning some powerful and amazing lessons I want to share with other authors, writers and readers. When the reviews began posting on Amazon, I had two very malicious reviews post initially about the book not only saying some very nasty things about my talents, but also questioning the authenticity of the other positive reviews as genuine, because the supposition was this book is so bad how could anyone say anything great about it? Well, these hateful individuals didn't even put their names on their spew, which of course, led me to question their motivations. None the less, I took the opportunity to reflect on the book and since I was ready to do another print run, I seized on the idea to strengthen the book not because two haters said I should, but because I believe in striving for the best. The second edition came out just in time for the national promotion to begin. The professional reviewers are showering praise on the book, and I am enjoying the results.

I'm sharing this with you today to remind you to always believe in yourself. I have been working on my visualization, meditations and mantras and focused on making California Girl Chronicles a best seller. It's working marvelously, and the reviews are beginning to pop on a near-daily basis. This many ongoing reviews will create momentum and momentum sets off continual sales. It's never a bad thing to be open to constructive criticism. In fact, I welcome constructive comments, and you can clearly see I embraced such comments. What no one really ever welcomes are mean-spirited comments meant to do nothing more than hurt. So in reading this article today, always believe in your talents. Believe in your vision. And go for it. Do not listen to naysayers or critics, especially given the source of criticism. If someone cannot even put their name behind their words, it's suspect. And if someone can't put a name to their words then who are they? What are their credentials? And who are they for you to empower to kill your dreams? Why would you ever give a nameless stranger that much power? I sure as heck am not and neither should you!

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