Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lizzie Olsen and the Rumor Mill and California Girl Chronicles

Here is more grist for the rumor mill to grind out unfounded speculation and fun ... the kudos of the day go to Lizzie Olsen and her wonderful response to the speculation that, um, a conversation with a single man equals a relationship. Good for you Ms. Olsen for responding with a perfectly "smarty" answer to a stupid question. Whether or not she is or is not newly dating the incomparable Alexander Skarsgard is completely none of anyone's business anyway. Besides, her response was right on the money. Truthfully, even if they've shared a date or two that hardly comprises a "relationship." A date, a flirtation, an interest ... yes. A relationship not so much. Good God this is the same press that criticizes celebrities like Kim Kardashian for getting married and divorced faster than I got up this morning and yet is ready to put two people in a conversation off to the chapel. So, why do I care? Well, the unwanted attention and her recent appearance at the awards shows put Lizzie on my map. We've been considering for quite sometime who should play Brea in the California Girl Chronicles TV series that we're developing, and I'm just saying ... blond, beautiful, smart ... hmm ... might have found our Brea. Out of the gossip mill rises a potential actress for Brea. And ironically, my production partner Sonja sent me a note the exact same day suggesting the exact same thought! Ah, the Universe at work!

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