Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vampire Diaries vs. True Blood Nude Cover Wars! REALLY!!!

All right here is the last word on sex and nudity (love my fierce passion, here or what). No one ever again gets to complain to me about the "written sex" scenes in my book California Girl Chronicles when we live in a media-saturated world where Vampire Diaries and True Blood compete for "best nude" covers!!! I mean come on folks! I've had a couple of mainstream reviewers flip over the sex in my book yet I routinely get stuff like this sent in my Google Alerts where the stars of major TV shows have stripped for mass consumption. Seriously! You can't possibly whine to me about written tasteful sex and then secretly go view what is nothing more than "sanctioned" mainstream porn. Look, I'm okay with the nude cover wars. You know gorgeous people naked never hurt anyone. All I'm saying is why get all uptight about written sex scenes done so tastefully and refuse to review the book, that's all. If we can compete to see which star looks better naked then I just don't want to hear about my book's sex anymore. I mean come on ... you're not even getting a visual ... yet (wink and a smile). And that's another just saying ... :).

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