Wednesday, February 15, 2012

True Blood Season 5 "Bromance" Hype or Real?

Now that Alexander Skarsgård is out promoting his forthcoming popcorn flick Battleship, which I will go see to support my favorite actor but only with my teenage son, who loves that sort of thing; he is promoting Season 5 of True Blood. I've decided he's being cheeky about the whole notion of the Eric-Bill "bromance" nonsense. First of all, he's a funny guy anyway and is constantly making jokes. Check out his low-key joke that aliens and vampires would be lovers ... yeah, right, naturally! Second, my guess is that Eric and Bill team up and have time on the run together evading the Authority. Skarsgård's remarks about having a new appreciation for Bill, I'm going to just go on the side that he's being facetious. Maybe they won't be quite as venomously at each other's throats then in the past, but I don't see the Viking sincerely bowing to the Southern schemer anytime soon. Also, I've noticed that in years past that while small spoilers are leaked and dropped, I'm willing to bet Alan Ball has a strict set of criteria about what can and cannot be shared or not. The show tends to keep a tight lid on what they leak to the media, and most of it is often misleading with only a grain of truth. So, I'm pretty willing to put a C note down that my favorite Viking vampire will be in more scenes with Bill than usual, but I seriously doubt it will be all fun and games and campfire songs. It will be more like some bloody good fun than a vampiric rendition of "Kumbaya."

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