Monday, February 6, 2012

California Girl Chronicles: Sex! Sex! Sex! Not Enough Sex or Too Much Sex

The first book review of California Girl Chronicles, the SF Book Reviewer writer suggested the book didn't contain long enough passages on the sex. Another book reviewer for a major blog site rejected the book because of (you guessed it) the sex. Today's book reviewer from Book Blurb suggested there was too much sex and it got boring. I am so laughing and shrugging. I am now wondering is there a magical sex-writing formula or a class I missed on writing about sex? Where exactly is the middle ground? Too much, too little, too late ... you name it I can't beat it. Another friend of mine said she wished the sex were more graphic. Okay, too much, too little, too late and not enough throw-down. Got it.

Here is the bottom line: we are a culture obsessed with sex yet at the same time repressed about it, too. Most reviewers, who will actually review the book at all, inevitably bring up the issue of the sex in the book. Each has his/her perspective on the subject, and each has a different perspective. Other reviewers simply won't touch the book, because the sex is offensive to them or makes them uncomfortable. As the writer, I created a sexually empowered character. She is comfortable with her sexuality. I wanted a character who is female to be comfortable with her sexuality and not repressed or obsessed. She admits to enjoying it. Men admit this all of the time without much fanfare over the revelation. When a woman admits it certain segments of the audience assign morality to the issue. Men I've spoken to have called her "slutty" or a "bimbo". She's neither ... she just misguided at times over her relationships with men. But I don't want to tell you what to think about Brea. I will let you decide on your own. In the meantime, I will also keep shrugging over the conflicting critics about the sexual nature of the book. You know you can't beat 'em. So shrug!

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