Monday, July 18, 2011

Why Does Ditching It All Sound so Appealing?

I've noticed a trend since the Eat, Pray, Love book sparked a run on trips to Italy, people are embracing the less-is-more lifestyle. I met an author who wrote a book about how to ditch it all and travel the world. I just received a story about a retired couple who ditched it all for a ride across country in their RV. I have to tell you, I get it. Another friend of mine has become somewhat of a gypsy moving from place to place, abandoning property ownership in favor of a nomadic lifestyle where she relies on the good graces of friends and family to house her as she moves around. Do you suppose in our overstuffed material world, some of us have just had enough of the "over-enough?" Americans have been a materialistic society for a while now but I think the never-ending recession has caused more than just job loss. It has shifted lifestyles and maybe pushed people to re-think their over-stuffed stuff. It's really more a spiritual juncture we've come to. Lives previously tied down by possessions are being abandoned in favor of freedom to roam and venture around the country or across borders into other countries. "Abandon" sounds kind of great on days when responsibilities tie me down, but I am not old enough or free enough (children you see) to hit the road. But I must say, it sure sounds nice. Ah, back to work...

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