Monday, July 11, 2011

Three Things You Didn't Know 3L Publishing Offers

3L Publishing didn't start as a publishing company. We began as a marketing, PR and custom publication provider. What many people don't know about 3L is that we provide a number of services way beyond just publishing. Even some of our own clients don't often realize that they can actually get all of their marketing and PR needs served under one umbrella. Here are three things we do that the average prospective or current customers often doesn't realize.

Website Development -- yes, we provide all of the affiliate author sites you go to when you want more information about the book you just purchased or to know more about the author. We've been building websites since the Web was born. We still do stand-alone websites outside of just author sites too. We recently built our travel agent client's website for a World Less Traveled. We will be building a Nu You by Julie, an alternative health and wellness site, in the coming months. If you need a website, check out some of our other sites and hire us: Silent Voices, Blood Over Badge, Beyond the Iron and Daughter of the Caribbean.

Blogs and Newsletters -- yes, we also provide design, branding and content for other company's blogs and newsletters. Most people don't realize we blog for others. We've been doing the World Less Traveled's content for two years for her blog and newsletter. If you don't have time to do your own content for your blog, you can turn the work over to 3L Publishing's team and simply approve content.

Custom Books and White Papers -- not all of our books are meant to be published in the mainstream. Some clients come to us and want a custom book for their business platform or a special event.  We've written technology white papers for years and can help create yours. If you need any kind of custom publication, we offer full-service including content, editing, design and production.

Do you like our products? Do you feel confident we could serve your needs? Call us today at 916.300.8012 or send an email to

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