Friday, July 8, 2011

Always Know What You don't Know!

I tell people all the time not to do it all on their own. Do you realize how much time you waste doing things that you are either not competent at doing or you don't know how to do. I used to win that game all of the time, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" the home version when pitted against someone who was supposed to know everything. Why? Because I know a lot ... BUT I know what I don't know. So when I would get asked to use one of my tools (phone a friend, etc.), I knew to take the option. In business, it works like that game. You need to know when you don't know. For example, my state sales tax is due. We were using a different seller's license. We needed to not only transfer the license, but also pay the tax. I was clueless. Although Malia, my trusty right hand, had send me some number to call. I knew I would get stuck in some bureaucratic maze of voice-mail hell and probably not wind up with a breathing human on the other side. Instead, I decided to save myself the wasted time where it was quite likely I wouldn't get my answer anyway and still be faced with the same problem. So, I picked up the phone and called our new accountant. Guess what! SHE knew what I didn't know. It's her job to know. And voile! Problem solved. She took over the situation. So you see it works. If you don't know something, but best advice is hire someone who does. Your time is precious and time wasted on finding an answer is just time wasted.

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