Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pushy Sales - Bad Idea

"Here just try some!" "Take my product." "Let me get you some literature." "Oh, take my card too." Those are four sentences that no one wants to hear. Pushy sales no matter how pretty the package have the opposite effect of what you want. Last night while networking, my group of gal pals experienced the pushy sales technique from this vendor. These folks were non-stop. They practically chased us around the room, shoving product and literature in our faces. And here is what we all griped about when we got in the car, "Did you get a load of that vendor?" No one was impressed. Truth is, the vendor products were probably excellent, but it wasn't the product that killed the sale. When you are selling products or services, be very careful and never do the following:

1. Desperately chase me around the room.
2. Demand I try your product by shoving it in my face or insisting I put my hand out so you can apply it.
3. Shove literature at me when I did not ask for it.
4. Keep showing up and trying to talk to me even when I've clearly moved on.
5. Just keep talking and rambling until you look nothing more than desperate and overly eager.

None of these approaches work. They earn you a reputation as a pain in the ass. People will make negative comments about you behind your back. And if they do buy something, it won't be because they liked or wanted it, but because they wanted you to go away.

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