Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Query the Masses Turn Up the Strange and Bizarre

I just posted a query for First Word radio and got up this morning to find an astonishing 200 pitches in my in-box. To suggest I will spend the next several days sorting through those is an understatement. I had to laugh, because I've heard a query on HARO produces that kind of response. What really blew my skirt up were the really weird ones. I was somewhat astonished by things like JoJo the Dog Boy who became a dog because he got in a fight on the playground. Or Moesha the Monkey Wrangler ... now I am half-hearted kidding, but not really. I don't want to specifically cite any of the real ones, but what I just described is pretty darned close. Rest assured, I won't be inviting JoJo on the show. What I also discovered aside from the odd assortment of circus freaks were various trends in books. Now this piece of information could really help me out. I noticed reinvention was a big one. Chin up and all that sort of stuff. The coaching books and success books -- also big. I now realize some topics that would be best to avoid since everyone and their aunts, uncles and cousins is writing about it. So literally stay tuned. We have an assortment of really great guests coming up on future shows, but again, poor JoJo. He will have to stay leashed to his pen. No radio for you JoJo.

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