Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

On a national holiday, I can't be all business like and serious -- that would be boring and anti-celebratory. So I thought I would instead try to entertain you with my "wit and charm," which some of you right now are totally rolling your eyes. First, I thought the flowers to your left might remind you of bottle rockets! Yeah, bottle rockets ... no? Not bottle rockets, okay how about just beautiful flowers blooming up in Tahoe right now. Yes, I shot those on a recent day trip. I love Tahoe in the summer ... and winter. All right so onto the business of the amusing. Here are three things I find annoying in general. You will relate.

Posting Nike shoe photos on my Facebook page. All right I have share something I bet only a few of you know. I don't wear running shoes. There I said it. Even when I'm working out I wear cute tennis shoes. Here is the real deal, though, some clueless person by the name of "Bow Berry," a gal I friended that I should have thought about twice once I caught her come-hither photo with the barely there orange outfit that only covered the modest parts. Seriously, I warned "Bow," whom I am assuming sells Nike, to stop posting the spam on my wall. My warning fell on deaf ears. She got de-friended this morning. You cannot use social media to advertise your Nike account! Those of you reading this shocked by this announcement and posting spam on social media, you will quickly find your following has waned.

Speaking of come hither ... what is with the Playboy poses on Facebook these days. Really? The aforementioned spammer seriously had a photo that for intents and purposes could have been a pin-up. I thought boudoir shots were private unless you are a professional stripper ... or lady of the evening (LOL). Don't you know that prospective employers might catch an eyeful of you on the ground crawling like a panther about to strike? The same goes for those party pictures. This one person, who I thought knew better, thinks that posting picture after picture with her holding various alcoholic beverages makes her look fun and fabulous. For the come-hither photos, you look sexy all right and provocative, but why do you want that image out in your professional network? And as for party Bahama Mama, let me ask you this? Why do you think that group shots of you holding non-stop glasses of alcohol make you look fun and fabulous? A partier, yes! A drunk, maybe! But party pictures on professional social media or your business site ... um! No! Here is what you really look like? Unprofessional and addicted to alcohol. Neither is good for business.

Asking to meet and not saying about what ... makes me weary. Every once in awhile someone asks to meet about doing business. Sometimes they just out of the blue will ask via social media. I have a really busy schedule, as do most business people. So, it's important you tell me what you want to meet about. If you tell me it's to sell me Nike shoes and you just did this via social media, big faux pas. Don't be ambiguous as to why you want to meet me. And don't use the opportunity to sell me stuff I don't need or to sell me at all. Also, don't ask to meet to try and get me to hire you. First, I'm not hiring. And while some strange business book might have suggested this will get you in the door, it won't. Employers don't hire people by random and unrequested meetings. If you want to meet, be upfront, tell me what about, and give me the opportunity to decide if I want to clear my busy schedule or not.

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