Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to those Playboy Poses on Facebook

My Facebook crowd has grown dramatically. I've got roughly 1,100 connections, and with the new connections comes broader exposure to the citizens of Facebook. And comes broader exposure ... comes a reality check on people who play and work there. Now for me, I use Facebook for marketing and promotion for my business 3L Publishing. I don't play too much although I am guilty of posting the occasional rant or strange reference. I have a nice, conservative head shot and I don't post pictures of my bikini body or shots where I am wearing little more than a strip of gauze as clothes. So I find it pretty shocking the sheer number of strange head shots that are either bizarre and say nothing understandable about you; shots that are just grainy and ugly; or shots that should really appear as the Playmate of the Month. So, here are some recent shots to either make you scratch or just shake your head in disapproval.

The barely there wear -- now women are not the only offenders of the photos where they "oops" seem to have lost their ability to put on clothes that either fit or cover up. If you're on Facebook to meet men, then why did you friend me? I am not there for that. My profile clearly shows I am there to network only. The offenders might start off with a conservative photo, but I've noticed over time the barely there shots are popping up. It's Facebook people not Playboy, Hustler or Penthouse. Put your clothes on. And men, please don't show up with your abs as the shot! That is creepy!

The grainy, up the nostrils shots -- this photos are just a head-scratcher. Some people think that a close-up shot of what appears to be nothing more than their nostrils is somehow mysterious. Or I liked the really strange one that included the corners of their eyes AND their nostrils. If you think this creates an attractive, mysterious photo you are wrong. It simply grosses me out and makes me want to send you out to give your nose hairs plucked!

The obtuse, bizarre picture of what? shots -- these often include strange objects with a person's name next to them. Is it a logo? Is it an object? It's a noun -- person, place or thing? I have no idea, and if I don't know your "friends" don't either, which is not a good head shot.

Last but not least plain old grainy shots -- why are you posting the worst pictures ever taken of you? Your face is twisted, contorted and grainy? Grainy pictures of your last outing is fine. But for your head shot, please get at least a clear shot done where you don't look like Jack the Ripper.

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