Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Ever Happened to Good, Old Boundaries

Now I'm not writing this to get you all shocked. I just read a query for a book where one of the questions was, "Do you think people would be flattered or creeped out to find out someone masturbated to a picture of them in their minds?" OK, good jumping whatever-its-face. Really? Are we now so coarsened and completely pushed past any decent boundary that someone is even asking this question? Can't anything at all be kept discreet and private? Here is the truth. I don't need the answer to that question to feel flattered or anything in between. Why do we need to ask it at all? We're all adults, yes, but isn't it about time people quit pushing the boundaries so far past anything private? No one needs to even ask that kind of question. I don't want to know. I don't care to know -- and I don't understand why it's going into a book. What value is that going to offer to society? Probably zero! Zero value whatsoever. And it's not just that! It's all the other pushing past boundaries that is just totally disturbing. I can tell you this much. No one at their next book club meeting is going to ask that question. I'm positive.

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