Saturday, July 30, 2011

I am Blogger Hear Me Roar!

A blog is an important part of your platform when your building a business or you're an author trying to establish a platform. Your blog is your point of view. Some people don't understand what to use their blog for. I've seen all sorts of misuses of blogs that are sometimes funny or just amusing. Here are some ways NOT to use your blog:

The Random, The Meaningless and the Mundane. To take random and meaningless photos of your dog eating does not a blog make. This kind of blog falls into the who-cares catalog, but some writers mistakenly believe that they must post every day, which is true, but that those posts can be absolutely meaningless. My dog ate dog food is not a blog post. I ate French fries ... not meaningful. I'm bored and I have to do this ... nope not that either. Unless you're a famous celebrity -- and even that is sketchy -- your random ramblings about your favorite coffee, not scintillating.

The Mono-Syllable Blog. A few years back, blog "preachers" used to teach people to post one-line blogs just to include content. These days, people who post a one-line blog will not attract an audience. Now you're competing with video and audio and other blogs loaded with fabulous information. Here is the real deal. If you're too distracted or busy to properly blog, don't blog at all. The blog world is full of competitors who do have meaningful information to share. Readers will spend their time on those blogs, and not your one-sentence, half attempt to throw up meaningless messages that no one cares about. So commit to your blog. Take your time and write useful information.

Blogging Because My Mommy Said So. The message behind building a platform is to blog to build your platform, your viewpoint, your message to the world. Reluctant bloggers will not commit and spend the necessary time to build a powerful blog loaded with a wealth of good information. If you're not all in and ready to build a great blog, then don't include the blog as your platform tool. Do something else that brings value to your view point. Maybe spend more time on social media instead and time on your fan page where it's OK to post only a few lines at a time.

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