Friday, July 29, 2011

A Tone and a Style for Your Audience

A recent faux pas made me think of this blog. I wrote an article for After the Manuscript and because of the turmoil this week, I inadvertently sent my First Word version, which isn't the same as what I would formally submit for publication. In First Word, my readers have met me at one time or the other so I can unleash my playful, sarcastic side; but unless you know me, you might construe that one as borderline. I had, in fact, written an appropriate version for the San Francisco Book Review that was professional and straightforward -- maybe just not as funny. The lesson is, there is a right tone for the right audience. You should always consider your readership when you write anything. Who are you trying to appeal to? Whether I am writing a novel or a non-fiction book, I keep tone and style in mind for the audience I am speaking to. Always write to a specific audience even if you have to imagine them in the theatre seats listening to you. If you miss your target audience/market, you will not be able to position your manuscript or article for that matter correctly on the market. That is called "market positioning" and it's your bull's eye of who you want to reach and sell to. Not hitting the target correctly can derail your sales. And no one wants that.

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