Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dieting and Staying Thin

This blog is for all those ladies out there who read the "girl" magazines that focus on things like weight-loss. I read this article in Allure recently about thin women advising other women on how they stay effortlessly thin. The premise was that these women didn't diet and yet the rest of the article read like a Weight Watcher's ad, and while these thin women reportedly "ate what they wanted," I noticed that the list of food sure did have a diet-like feel to it. So, I wanted to write about this as a woman who has been a size 4 since she was 16-years-old and really give you the insider information. I am not nor have I ever been on a diet. I have had two children and gained 40 pounds with each one and immediately lost it each time. No, I did not hire a personal trainer or go on a diet. I merely resumed my normal eating habits, and yes, I do eat whatever I want. Here are my tips to staying thin for a lifetime not a few months or years -- a true lifetime.

Moderation and satiation -- I love dessert as much as the next person. I love food too. In fact, I love reading about food; hence the reason why there are now three cookbook-related type books in the 3L Publishing catalog. I love beautiful pictures of food, etc. But when I sit down to eat, I only eat until I am comfortably full and that's the end. No need to push into the stuffed mode. If I want dessert, I order it. Once in a while I eat the whole thing, but nine times out of 10, I eat two or three bites. Not because I am consciously trying to limit my intake, but because I'm full as it is. I just want a taste -- enough to "satiate" my pallet.

Snacking -- I don't have time to snack and I don't make time to snack. I have a busy schedule and two children. But when I do snack, no, I don't go for the healthy choice. Yes, it's Dorritos and it's only once in a while. I love salty foods and it's a known fact it's not good for me. But you know it's back to moderation. I have never in my life eaten an entire bag of Dorritos. I eat maybe five or six chips, pallet satiated and I'm done.

Whole foods just taste better -- let's get honest, I also enjoy whole foods and fresh food. If I had a choice between a plate of fresh salmon with mashed potatoes and greens over a processed meal out of a bag, my first choice would always be the plate of salmon. It's my preference. Again, I'm not sitting around thinking about whether or not I'm going to eat X or Y. I am just naturally gravitating toward healthy choices. And even when I order the potatoes, I still don't eat the entire heap of them. I eat until I am full and then it's done. I'm happy. My stomach is happy.

The carbs rebellion -- how many celebrities and the like go on about the carbs war? You know what, I want a slice of bread, I eat a slice of bread. I don't eat 10 rolls and I don't eat five slices. I eat a slice or even two. I do not actively sit around and fear the carbs. If you're going to make carbs your foe then you're going to needlessly over focus on it and probably eat too much of it, because you're focused on it. Forget it girlfriends. Just eat the darned carbs and get over it already. Carbs are carbs -- they're are not Darth Vader ready to smite you into overweight misery with a light saber. Eat your carbs and smile!

Two meals a day work just fine -- the other thing I hear all of the time is snack all day long to stave off hunger and over eating. Oh, forget it. If you're not hungry, don't eat or snack. Seriously why eat if you're not even hungry to stave off something else. This is strictly my theory, but if I had to snack all day to stay thin, I would be overweight. So, that's not a rule I subscribe to. I don't eat breakfast except on weekends with my family. I'm not hungry in the mornings! That's the ticket right there. If I'm not hungry, I don't eat. I know nutritionists will scowl at what I just said, but you asked how I stay thin. And there is your answer.

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