Thursday, July 14, 2011


So this status post on Facebook sparked a discussion about how people start or try to start a chat with you by sending a one-word supposed conversation starter -- "hi." All by itself. Nothing else. Just "hi," and somehow I'm going to be blown away with your amazing conversational skill (singular) that I just must reply. So, I'm thinking what should be the monosyllabic response to "hi?" It must be scintillating and provocative. Enough to blow their minds. Something that is equally as exciting as "hi." Hey, here is one: "hey." "Hi." "Hey." Yes, I believe those are nice bookends to each other, don't you think? Here is the deal. If everyone didn't start trying to chat me up this way, I would not have noticed. But I swear to the Greek Gods, every single random guy will send me that chat-starter. "Hi." I don't get it. Did some policy-maker at Facebook send our a memo to all users that said: When trying to start a chat with an unfamiliar male or female, we recommend all users adopt the plain English word of "hi." Is this in some Facebook user training guide? See under "Chats" all methods to start conversations. Go to page 10. And there you will find the instructions to only use the word "hi." What I really find amusing are the ones where the person sends me a half-dozen hi's. Now THAT is impressive! Oh, I know maybe the word "hi" replaced "knock, knock." "Who's there?" "Hi." "Hi." "Hi who?" "Hi."

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