Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who is Your Book's Audience

I see all kinds of manuscripts land on my desk. Many of them, the authors clearly has not considered their audience. The first thing you ought to do before you touch fingers to keyboard is consider your audience. The biggest mistake you can make is to just write whatever you heart's content (or "content" LOL). You can sure do that absolutely, but don't for a moment consider that it's going to sell unless you've strategically considered its marketability. Here are some important things to consider before you start writing and your idea is just a genesis in your mind.

1. Who is your audience? Men or women or both -- and what age group do you intend to appeal to? The young millennial generation, generation Y, generation X or Baby Boomers? Each of these groups has different likes and interests and ways of doing things. The millennial and Y generations are your tech-savvy group who will soon expect all their content on e-readers. You have to keep these points in mind as you move forward.

2. Is your book a general interest book or does it need a platform to sell? Self-help and non-fiction business books sell best as a part of the author's platform. Self-help and spiritual and inspirational work best as a platform. General interest and novels work best being sold into bookstores and the general public.

3. Does your audience have Internet access? Seems like a crazy question to ask, but there are still many groups that don't have access or don't use the computer to shop. If you intend to sell a book online and yet your primary audience is from a region with little Internet access (think rural America) then you're going to have a problem.

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