Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When Being Cheap is Just Ridiculous!

Some things in business you spend money on. I always find it slightly amusing if not ridiculous when companies or even individuals skimp on tools or equipment for their offices that they absolutely should not try and save a dollar. A few examples: your office chair. Your chair is what most of you sit in minimally for 7-8 hours per day. I would wager two dents fit your behind's shape perfectly. Yet when it comes time to buy an office chair, some business people look for the cheapest one. They don't care about back and lumbar support, no. They aim to save money. They don't sit in one until they find the right one. The one that will help them feel comfortable and support their backs. Just how crazy is that? The one thing you're going to spend at least half your life sitting in you, you won't spend money on? The other is computer equipment. Some companies go in search of the cheapest equipment on the market. They give no consideration that cheap equipment breaks faster and easier, and can impede production. Again, focus goes on saving a dollar or two. The short-sighted wisdom in that decision-making process is somewhat absurd. Most people, like they do with an office chair, spend up to half their lives on the computer. Why in the world would you invest in something that is a hunk of junk to save a dollar or two? Your computer equipment should be a long-term investment in productivity. Every time you have to service a lame computer, you lose valuable, productive time. There are just some things worth spending just a little extra money on -- and those two I just described should top the list. I'm just saying

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