Sunday, June 26, 2011

Three Reasons to Chose 3L Publishing

Reason no. #1 -- we're an established publisher that has been in business now five years (our marketing and PR agency opened in 2006) and published 20 titles. Our CEO Michelle Gamble-Risley has been in the publishing business for 20 years. Her first job was as an editor for an internal magazine, and she went on to take a post as editor of a regional magazine with a circulation of 40,000 when she took it over and when she left it had a circulation of 70,000. She also got promoted to publisher in her tenor on that magazine. She went on to work on custom publications and freelance write for regional and national publications. Also, her first book Second Bloom won several literary awards, with the most notable being an honorable mention in Writer's Digest Independent Spirit Awards. Second Bloom beat out literally hundreds of competitors in the self-help area.

Reason no. #2 -- we are trained specialists in not only publishing but marketing and PR. Again, Michelle has a BA in PR and a master's in English. She worked in three different marketing and PR offices. She, of course, focused on their publications. And she has the added advantage of having been an editor reviewing thousands of press releases. She understands how the media thinks, because she was a member of the media for a very long time, and she has the actual education in the area. If you're shopping around for either a PR specialist or publisher, make sure this outfit didn't just hang a shingle and call themselves a PR agency or publisher. Ask important questions about experience and background. Better yet, do some Google searches. Anyone in this business for any real length of time will have an impressive history for all the world to see.

Reason no. #3 -- we understand the complexities of publishing and we have a passion for literature. In fact, we'll talk shop with you any day of the week. We're so in love with who we work with and what we do that most of our authors connect with that. They know we care. If you want to ask any of them what was their experience working with our team, go ahead and ask for referrals. Your preferred publisher should genuinely be more interested and passionate about books. Publishing is a tough, competitive business. You want the passion on your side, because that passion will keep your publisher focused and aimed at overcoming the barriers to help make you successful. You can tell when a publisher really cares vs. just wants to make money.

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