Friday, June 24, 2011

Avoid the Distractions

Sometimes whether we like it or not distractions creep into our space. We have to swat them like irritating flies and move on. Your intention to succeed in business means keeping non-productive distractions at bay. One thing I am doing right now to keep myself focused in a positive direction is working with the amazing and incredible Erica Lyremark of the Daily Whip. She is giving me quite a "whipping" to inspire and motivate me to go to the next level. Her six-week inspirational and motivational coaching program is amazing, and it's helping me stay on my course and dodge the distractions. I also take solace in the fact that many of these recent distractions (and I don't care for them) are coming from a source who is making herself look really bad to a pretty big community of business people. I've received letters of support from those who have noticed some of the deceptive and despicable activities going on (and the words deceptive and despicable were words used by these folks not me). I don't think I would want to be engaged in activities where someone called me deceptive, despicable or the recent term "shady." Those are not good adjectives. So, I've instead put my attention on growing and being inspired with things like the Daily Whip. After putting out my intention to close two new pieces of business this week -- I achieved my goal. The Daily Whip reminded me to pursue these goals and keep my eye on the ball. The distractions are mere flies in the ointment of my dreams. While it's important to deal with what are really no more than mole hills in my journey, it's also important to kick the mole hills over and move on. And if this inspires you in any way, shape or form, then I am happy for you.

Writing Tip of the Day: If you're working on a novel or book, make sure you set a writing goal for the day. I will write X number of pages or finish a chapter. Goals keep us motivated and moving forward.

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