Monday, June 20, 2011

To the Person Who Broke Into My Facebook Account ...

This blog is specifically being written to the person (and I know exactly who you are, as you are the only one who had my log-in information) who thought it was amusing, funny or just entertaining to break into my Facebook account and change my relationship status and show that I like Nazis and lesbians. Let me be clear in a very public way, not cool and very, very immature. On a business end, you had better think through this behavior before you ever attempt to do it again. It's called defamation and illegal to break into someone's Facebook account. I suggest you look at the law regarding these things. Because you're in violation of that law. Now I know your mentality well, and I know you thought it was funny. I've got news for you, not very funny and just disturbing to me that you're this immature and psycho. I'm equally as sure you probably did during one of your drinking binges. Go get help! And most certainly go get a life. Really it's just sad and pathetic that you needed to sink to this level. You are a sad and pathetic person period. I have no idea why you've reduced yourself to such a low level, but I can tell you that I'm a grown up. And I'm too old to be playing sandbox games with you. P.S., I know from my analytics you also read my blog. Again, you sad, sad, sad person. Mind your own business, grow up, dry out, and get a life!

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