Monday, June 20, 2011

Social Media and the Mundane

I overheard this discussion about Twitter. This guy was complaining about people who don't understand social media. He said, "Now I have to read about some guy eating a burger at McDonald's as if this event were news!" He's right. We've become a culture saturated with news-making events such as your friend's McDonald's-eating consumption. Now on the reverse, Twitter and Facebook have become a community news tool and have recently played instrumental roles in revolution and conflict. Now the same guy up the street who could Tweet about his latest taste of French fries can also Tweet about the war zone sometimes in his very own neighborhood. And it is the latter example of social media changing the world that is perhaps a good thing. But for the average social-media user, it's time to take heed. For the most part, how many fast-food burgers you eat or cups of coffee you drink, it's not Earth-shattering news. If you use social media as a business tool then report on meaningful activities. Let's not dumb our society down to a vapid interesting in a conversation over Starbuck's vs. Peet's. I'm just saying.

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