Saturday, June 18, 2011

Alaska and Me!

Glacial Lake -- Seward, Alaska
Hubbard Glacier
I want to give a major shout out to my travel agent Elisa Taylor for arranging perhaps the best vacation I have ever been on. She went above and beyond to ensure our 20th anniversary trip was romantic, special and perfect in every way. Thank you Elisa! You rock! My next comment: Alaska is absolutely one of those places you must visit at least once in your lifetime. I spent the entire trip picking my jaw up off the ground! I also really enjoyed the cruise, because we had the good sense to invest in a balcony suite right on the ocean, which amounted to non-stop scenic views. I think my favorite moment (of many) was the day I got to sit on the balcony, drink coffee, and stare at the most spectacular sight of the Hubbard Glacier. The roar and crack of the ice sheering off the glacier and plummeting into the ocean below was not just a sight to behold, but to be heard. I was awe-struck by the power and beauty of nature. As I stared at the lapping waves slowly crawling up and down the icebergs, it occurred to me how much Earth is such a living organism. The movement of the ocean currents, the glisten of the water in the sunlight, and the sounds of seagulls cries came together in this cataclysmic energy that vibrated all around me. I fell in love with it all. I was also delighted to see wildlife -- bears, porpoise, whales, eagles and moose -- all out in their natural glory. Nothing moves me more than seeing animals where they belong -- in their natural habitat. The final leg of the journey -- the train ride that weaved in and around the Alaskan wilderness between Seward and Anchorage -- capped off this glorious vacation with more natural wonders and numerous waterfalls. I sat in front of a huge picture window on the moving train and realized I was fortunate and blessed beyond all blessing to have a front seat view of nature in all of its magnificence. What a life! What a life!

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