Sunday, June 19, 2011

Take a Lesson from the Romance Expert

Now for you single guys out there hoping to woo the girl, take a lesson from my romantic honey. He knows how to woo me in style. Upon our very romantic Alaskan cruise, he had champagne on the ready (although I should also thank Elisa Taylor for this gift as well) and plenty of pleasurable and stress-free activities planned such as two massages. He only planned strenuous hikes upon full agreement from yours truly, and he mostly chose laid-back shore excursions that took nothing more than a camera, binoculars and an "eagle" eyes to enjoy (totem poles and eagle boat cruise). Now Friend-Os that is true romance ... when the guy doesn't plan on taking you on a 50-mile hike up into the glacial wilderness as his idea of getting cozy, which really means clinging together desperately in the sleeping bag for warmth instead of sliding back in the jacuzzi. I mean which would you rather do?

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