Monday, June 6, 2011

Build Your Reputation by Being Responsive

The one thing that shocks me the most are business people whose idea of being responsive to customers, clients and associates is maybe (if they're in the mood) a monosyllable yes or no ... if they respond at all. Did you know that being responsive to the needs of your constituents can actually build a reputation for you? Yes, quick, effective and careful responses via text or email or phone can make or break your reputation. How so you ask? Because here is a simple fact -- people do not take kindly to being ignored. When you ignore or neglect your constituents, you send a simple message whether intended or not: you don't care enough to send your very best ... or you don't care at all. When you're responsive, the opposite message gets sent. You do care. People want to do business with people they feel really care about them. They don't want to feel used or discarded. It is especially imperative you be responsive when dealing with clients, especially if they've already paid you for your services. Doing the opposite suggests you're not putting in your best effort even if that may not even be the case. Never feel annoyed, irritated or put-out when a client needs or wants your attention. Not only give them your best attention but put 150 percent of your effort into it. Your reputation will become unparalleled all because you either picked up the phone or immediately replied.

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