Monday, February 11, 2013

Your Image as Your Brand

This morning I got an email from a Linked-In contact who is a photographer. He noticed my profile and congratulated me on having one of the more interesting profile pictures. If you think my profile pictures are fun and playful for absolutely not reason other than to post nice pictures, you would be wrong. My image is my brand. I am very strategic in how I have built my image to be fun and playful and certainly not boring. Notice in my blog picture above I am wearing red, which matches my company colors -- red, black and white. You realize that act was not random. I wanted the image to go well with the banner and the colors. I take factors like color into consideration when I build brand images not only for my company, but also for my clients. We take a holistic view on our author's products, and brand plays an important role. We've been working on the brand and image for the forthcoming 3L Publishing book Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts. It is not by accident that Roberts' bio image is edgy and interesting. I told him in regards to the photo that his pre-existing "teddy bear" shot from his social media would not work. We needed something that had a mysterious edge to it. He followed that lead and developed the photo series working with his photographer Brad Treadwell from Turlock. Treadwell did a very nice job on the picture. The same amount of care and consideration went into the development of the book cover, too. 3L Publishing's graphic artist Erin Pace-Molina took three different concepts and blended them into the resulting book cover, which incidentally is one of my all-time favorite book covers in the 3L Publishing catalog.

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