Thursday, February 14, 2013

In Honor of All Great Lovers

It's Valentine's Day ... love day! In honor of all great lovers, I thought I would pick my favorite lovers in literature and/or film and television to tell you why they are fabulous -- or more like they have that all-elusive "chemistry," which my boyfriend and I have actually tried to put definition on. We finally concluded "chemistry" is simply something magical and undefinable that exists between two people and not just between the sheets. So, let's begin with my all-time favorite vampire and the fairy.

Eric and Sookie (True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse Series)
The two blonds -- you can't beat that they look great together. Eric as portrayed by the Swedish sexiest man alive Alexander Skarsgard is tall, blue-eyed, sex-on-a-stick and just delicious to gaze upon. Sookie is pretty and feisty (although this season Anna Panquin's pregnancy seemed to dampen her down a bit). In Season 4 we got to watch our lovers go for it all full blast complete with a V trip in "Narnia" land where they did some big loving in the Scandinavian forest. They have a push-pull chemistry, and throw in a little blood-letting here and there, and you have the mix of great love and passion. The couple is just as intense in the book series, too. I believe it's the fifth book where Eric loses his memory, and Sookie takes a sexy ride on his "disco stick" ... yeah baby!

Tate Holloway and Nicole (the forthcoming 3L book Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts)
You haven't been introduced to these two yet, but I have had the "pleasure" of reading what I now call the "infamous chapter 8". The blond surfer couple go at it in this chapter, and let's just say all that editing time leads to the question, "Where is my boyfriend?" Roberts, who pleaded his case that he could write "tasteful" erotica, won me over with one of the most memorable trysts in literature where let's just say a can of whipped cream is involved. The repartee between these two is funny, but it's the erotic sex scene that seals the whole deal. The book releases from 3L Publishing in May. You like erotica, turn straight away to chapter 8.

Brea and Kale, California Girl Chronicles
All right, my blog is designed to market my business, so since it's Valentine's Day, I'll promote my own book series, California Girl Chronicles. Book 2, which is set to release this summer, continues the romance set up in the first book, which is available in select bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and others. The brutally flawed Brea's handsome producer gets screwed over by his beloved screenwriter, but no worries. The wayward Brea and Kale rebuild their relationship in book two, but to what end? You will have to find out.

Happy Heart Day Everyone!

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