Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stay Positive for Success

I had such a busy day, I didn't get to blog. I want to talk about the importance of having a positive attitude to succeed. I had a really tough 2013 and my personal life eclipsed business. I fortunately have a terrific and supportive team I could lean on to get me through. I have been very blessed to have met my boyfriend Kirk Donnelly who is warm, supportive, gentle, kind and super positive. He constantly reminds me to stay positive and I will attract positive things. I knew the months of December and January would be tough sales months. Unlike in 2012 when I was prepared and had a financial buffer, this year and the fallout from my personal problems left me scurrying to stay afloat. But amidst my financial pressures to keep 3L Publishing alive and kicking, Kirk repeatedly reminded me to keep my nose toward the positive grindstone and not get caught up in the "fear factor". The book The Secret teaches us that when the bills pile, ignore them and keep your attention on making money. I have found that be true. I put all of my attention on attracting and making money. This mindset is one of abundance and not lack. Don't look at what you think you lack. Keep your mind on what you have versus don't have. I have a warm, loving boyfriend and numerous close friends who are my family to support and take care of me. And how many women do you know that get divorced and end up alone for years afterwards? Not me. I was blessed and fortunate to meet an absolutely amazing, wonderful, generous and kind man right away. Kirk is the man of my dreams. So, here is the deal: stay positive! Positive begets positive.

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