Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Vengeance is Now Road Show

I am constantly telling writers one key phrase: Nothing sells a book better than the author. So when author Scott D. Roberts, whose forthcoming book Vengeance is Now, suggested we do a sea-level dog and pony show to promote his book, I considered it for all of five minutes and said yes. Why did I say yes? Because of the following points (an authors take note):

  • Before we arrive at each new destination, we will be able to promote the book to the regional media that will be far more inclined to cover a book written by an author who is in town. This direct outreach will give the book more exposure in local media that would have otherwise ignored the author and book, because it lacked a local angle. 
  • We will be able to stop at regional writer's groups to give talks; we will be able to stop at book clubs and promote the book to their members; we will be able to stop at local book stores to promote and leave samples to prompt purchase from our national distributor Baker and Taylor.
  • We will put a banner advertisement on the side of the RV to give the book national exposure across the U.S. to increase visibility and interest in the book and brand.
  • I will be able to give the same exposure and increased visibility to my 3L Publishing brand name.
  • I will be able to meet more authors to do business with in the future.
  • We will not have to pay the high cost of shipping books to conventions, which can get extremely expensive.
  • 3L Publishing will not have to pay for multiple hotel rooms, air fare, and extra food costs for eating out on the road.
And let me reiterate: Nothing sells the book better than the author! Period. No ifs, ands or "but Ma, I don't want to travel across the U.S."

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