Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Friday ... I'm Not Serious

I wasn't inspired yesterday so I didn't blog. OMG! How is that possible? Well, I had some other things on my mind and two major projects to edit. So, you know ... life! Today, though, is blog day Friday. I am going to make a social commentary this morning versus actually teach my spectator friends anything relevant or important ... or heck! Maybe what I'm going to laugh about might actually be a learning point ... who knows.

Here we go ... today's self-described "learning point" has to do with social media and the obvious. The obvious being that my profile shows that I'm in a "relationship" and the less obvious being men who overlook my relationship status and essentially go for it anyway. If you're a guy who doesn't wish to be shot down, perhaps you ought to observe not only the relationship status, BUT also the fact that I gush publicly about my boyfriend, too. Yes, if you really look beyond the superficial (my profile picture) and maybe truly check out what I post on my Wall, you might observe that one of my "friends" is my boyfriend. You might also observe that I publicly declare my love all of the time.

So readers what is the "learning point" in my little rant? The learning point is aimed at all the singles on the hunt for that perfect mate. Look for the "status" ... most single people have no problem advertising that they are single, because they want to meet someone. If the status says the person is taken ... you should take that as a ticker tape for (what else) -- taken! My next piece of advice for the guys, read her WALL posts. I'm not advising you to read the Wall just for fun, but if you're going to try and meet your mate on Facebook then go the extra mile. Find out about her. Look beyond the obvious picture and read her posts. Get to know her through comments and interaction first. And please oh please don't message her "hi" -- that doesn't make a good conversation starter EVER. LOL Now happy weekend!

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