Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Work-Life Balance for Telecommuters

When you work from your domicile, it's awesome. No commute. No lost time on the road. Not need to to dress up except for meetings. The downside, your work is right there 24 x 7. I always find it super challenging to pull away from my computer when it's so "near and dear" LOL. And just like anything else, work-life balance whether you work at home is super important. Balancing out your professional life with your personal time takes skills, especially if you're the CEO of 3L Publishing where many authors demand after-hour attention. But like anything else, you can make life the perfect balance between the two areas. Here are my tips.

Boundaries -- you have to establish work hours. I know it defies logic when you can flex your time. If you don't instate boundaries, and more specifically work hours, you will be at your desk round the clock. So designate your work hours. You can, of course, flex them, too; but like any good business, use specific work times and then when the clock strikes the hour unless there is a critical deadline, call it quits.

Client Boundaries, too -- clients have to respect your personal time, too. We teach others how to treat us. Taking late-night calls or working weekends only shows your clients you have no boundaries. An invisible boundary or one that is continually moved around is NOT a boundary. Make sure you honor your own boundaries and keep them. By doing that small act, you will teach your clients to respect your personal time.

Discipline -- I try not to do house chores during my work hours. Instead, I won't take lunch and then I'll put in a load of laundry or load the dishwasher. I also like to shower at the noon hour. Be at your desk every day by a certain time. Don't forget to take breaks, too. Discipline and the ability to sit down and do the work is half the battle of discipline.

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