Friday, February 22, 2013

Essential Oils and Cheryl Mullick

I was inspired this morning by a Facebook friend to write about essential oils. I do essential oil treatments known as Raindrop Therapy twice monthly at Tre Bella Spa in Auburn and work with Cheryl Mullick. What I want people to know is not only do I no longer get colds or flus, but also I have rheumatoid arthritis and I no longer take any kind of anti-inflammatory drugs or traditional RA treatments such as Enbrel or methatrexate. The Young Living essential oils (100% purified plant extract) contain properties that when put on the neck, spine and feet seep into your system and not only reduce inflammation, but also boost your immune system. I have asthma, too, so every time I would get any kind of cough, I would spend weeks hacking and unable to breathe well. I would cough so bad at times that I would actually throw up. It was awful. To make matters worse, I got sick like this at least five times a year.

I began doing Rain Drop Therapy about four years ago -- and we had no idea what would be the benefits. Within weeks, I found myself no longer in need of Advil to reduce pain. One day, I just noticed I quit feeling the need to take it. The boosted immune response, though, was the true shocker. The first year cold- and flu-free, I thought it was a coincidence. The second year, though, I realized it was directly related. The true test of the oils, though, came this summer. After a traumatic divorce, I lost 20 pounds and became emaciated plagued by continual stress and upheaval. I thought for sure I would get sick. No! Not one cold. I got the sniffles for one night, and took one of the preventative oils called Thieves, and voile! Nothing.

Do you get sick all of the time? Do you want to have near-perfect health? Set up an appointment to go see Cheryl Mullick by calling 916-716-6258.

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