Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting the Popcorn Ready ... True Blood Season 5

I've been so busy working and keeping manuscripts running through 3L Publishing, I swear and not kidding, I've watched maybe 30 minutes of TV the past two weeks. I know some people would tell that is a good thing, but not necessarily when you're trying to work in the business and track what is going on. I realized I even missed the season finale of House, one of my top favorites. No worries though I will just buy the box set and have a marathon weekend.

One thing, though, that I will not miss is True Blood Season 5 which starts June 24. Oh, be rest assured I will be eagerly propped on my sofa just in time for that one. The few trailers I've seen make it look like the season is shifting more toward action and explosions. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing for the campy dramaedy. With Alan Ball set to step down for Season 6, we might have quite a few shifts about to come into play. True Blood has in the past emphasized relationships and not the explosions so much. But don't judge a season on a few trailers meant to be all about the sizzle and steak. We do have the return of the deranged Russell Edgington to look forward to and Chris Meloni coming on board as some kind of mega vampire "authority" leader that includes some kind of blood ritual, too. So much press about the "hunky" Meloni. I kind of shrugged over him. Oh no my girl thrills and allegiance always go toward my swedish delight Alexander Skarsgard ... Chris who? I can't wait to see what becomes of my love-scorned Viking. One clip shows him in quite a lover's clench. Does he get over Sookie enough to get busy with a new love interest ... or at least drum up enough lust to get down with it? Let's hope so, because Skarsgard without a shirt on is always just yummy! Although me with celebrities, since I live in plastic LA LA land my chances of seeing him in person greatly increased. I would probably just shrug and say, "Oh, look." And move on. I know so funny. It's only more interesting and glamourous when it's on the screen. Aside from that, I have someone in my life who makes me smile in all sorts of way ;).

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mass Transit

Is there a great movie on this yet ... terrible air-travel experiences? Oh yeah, Planes, Trains and Automobiles ... well after not just one but two plane trips shoved into coach like sardines wrenched into a very small tin can, I can safely say I need to get rich and fly only first class.

Horror story #1--the orally fixated guy behind me. You know some people just HAVE to have something in their mouths 24 x 7. Well, orally fixated guy had a nice, juicy wad of gum shoved in his mouth with his head phones to all mute sound -- all sounds including his own. Well, let me tell you -- and this is no exaggeration -- he chomped, slurped, popped and snorted that gum a good four hours. Oh yeah, I forgot my iPod so my entertainment on my non-stop trip to Fort Lauderdale was his cud-chewing acrobatics. About the time he's slurping and snorting, I felt an increasing urge to punch him on the arm. Oh but wait! He's orally fixated, right. So if he isn't chewing something that would just be incredibly inappropriate ... so here comes the "snacks" ... oh yeah, baby, it's snack time. Let's crumple, crack and let the crunching begin. Yeah, dig in! And please don't let me encourage you at all to learn to eat with your mouth closed. God forbid orally fixated guy have good manners. Oh, no that would just not be humanly possible.

Horror story #2--the smelly foreigner who uses my shoulder as a pillow and spread eagles. Okay, I know it's hard to get the middle seat. I also am so petite that the temptation to spread over into my chair is easy for sure. But smell foreign guy decides he likes me. Well, I don't like him. He's taking every possible opportunity to touch me. Ew! I'm so not one of these people who like to be touched by strangers. Pretty soon, he's fallen over and is trying to sleep on my shoulder! What country is this guy from? I specifically asked after being jabbed in the rib cage asked him to stop touching me. Me: "STOP TOUCHING ME!" HIM: Blank look. P.S., he spoke English. Then the guy has the nerve to spread his legs all the way over into my very little leg room. WTF! I'm totally squished against the window desperately trying to sleep as this guy can't keep out of my seat or space. Oh, but the fun doesn't end there, oh no! The cacophony of snoring begins. One, two, three guys ... snoring in synchrony. Somebody just get me off this plane!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vacation Time

Sometimes you just have to take a real vacation. As entrepreneurs we have this tendency to never give ourselves downtime. I haven't had a real vacation in a year. When I worked corporate every six months, I would take off for two weeks. Since my schedule got so intense with 3L Publishing, my vacation time dwindled to a week and maybe a long weekend. No time off is a recipe for burnout. You can't keep up such a hectic pace without taking time to recharge your batteries. We all need downtime to balance our lives between work and family. Plus, my personal life has really been in chaos. So between the personal challenges and the workload, I felt I was heading for major burnout. And with that, you take the bull by the horns and take that much-needed break. Take my advice, life's too short not to enjoy it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Repeating the Lessons Until You Learn Them

It is so true that if we don't learn our lessons, we are doomed to repeat them -- and that applies to business and life. I've decided that I need to finally get an A+ on a few of them and move on. I intellectually know better yet I just keep getting to take the tests over and over again. I hate to think of myself as the girl who gets D papers, but let me tell you, I have a few big, glaring D's to deal with right now. I keep making mistakes with the business, but I realized recently the best way to identify if I'm about to blunder is if it feels comfortable. If it feels comfortable then it's an old habit that needs to be broken. If you want to expand your business, you have to get out of your comfort zone. You have to finally master those lessons.

Unfortunately, it has spilled into my relationships, too. I posted on Facebook, "We teach others how to treat us." In business and life, you have to put boundaries and the no-go zone. I responded to a request yesterday that I wanted to give the knee-jerk "yes" to, and I realized it would not work for me. So, I rethought what I wanted to say versus what I needed to say. I got out of my comfort zone and went with what I needed to say. I also have to have lines that really say "enough" ... last year when I ended a partnership, my life coach asked me a critical question, "When is it enough?" Being in a situation that causes endless tension and drives home pain points isn't good for anyone. I had to do something I considered really difficult at the time, because I did like the person (well, until I pulled back the curtain to discover a lot of deception), but I laid down the "enough" point. Boundaries really matter. Without boundaries, you leave yourself pushed way past your "enough" point.

My biggest problem with boundaries (and I'm sure many of you can relate) is that once I've hit the point of no return, it's the end game. And that's not really productive. If you put the boundaries in first and stick with them, then people understand what are the limits. But if you keep moving the line back and back some more then the opposite happens. People think there are no limits. Where those in my personal and professional life end up stunned is that I am like a rubber band. You keep pulling back and pulling back, and then I will shoot off and ricochet off the walls and frankly out the door. People will be surprised by it, because I was so fluid with those boundaries -- and it seemed okay.

I'm sharing this with you, because that is not a good way to go about conducting any kind of relationship. All or nothing is not a good philosophy. You have to step up when a line is crossed and say so. Then it doesn't get to the all-or-nothing stage. And if someone disrespects your boundaries even though you more than stated what they are then that person should not be surprised when the break happens. Let me repeat, "We teach others how to treat us." If we want to be treated with respect, honor, integrity, and just love then we have to respect, honor, and love ourselves.

And there you go! Your armchair philosopher who has lived a really big, beautiful life. Hope I have helped people think about it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Change Brings Opportunities

And speaking of friends, I want to thank all the Friend-Os out there who have watched me recent personal struggles and sent me so much warmth and support. I am grateful for the love! I am starting to rebound, and imagine this one! I am eating three square meals again. I had dropped an unwanted amount of weight that has left my already lean frame emaciated. It's not that I wasn't eating. I was on the "S" diet program, as in stress. Change, whether it's good or bad, can take its toll and create stress. I am resilient, and I don't mind change per se, but I do mind change after change after change. Now I will never go too deep on my personal life, but I do have a very bright spot in all of this change ... well, several bright spots in fact.

We are now finalizing a few projects, and I expect to launch some new ones in the very new future. We have in the pipeline about to go into production Death Grip, Seven Keys to Freedom, 10 Powerful Women and California Girl Chronicles book two (it is waiting for an official release date); about to go to print is Under the Sycamores, which is a beautifully written love story that I will start to promote very soon to the media. I am just now starting to prep the media kit. We've also got our new screenplay services under way with our consultant Scott Roberts, who is also coaching the book Bart Simpson is Sleeping with Your Wife (don't you just love that title) and an unnamed screenplay. We've got some new projects coming soon, too.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Sunday ... More Eye Rolling ... Guys! Guys! Guys!

Maybe if I blog about this stuff enough, I'll actually have an impact ... do you think? Today's eye roll (and mostly this stuff makes me laugh because it's so ridiculous). Today's message on Facebook was about my sexiness and (get ready for this one), a question about what color my toes are painted! Let me see, let's keep a score card of come-on nonsense (this will be fun): I look "flexible"; oh, I had one strange guy invite himself along on my vacation; I also got an offer to spend a week in one guy's "Italian Villa" LOL (complete stranger invites me to his villa ... that's a good one ... where do I get a plane ticket? Ha! Kidding); and today's stupidity ... what color are my toes painted? Here is a way better question, "What planet are you from?" Oh, I also had another guy after I told him I wasn't available keep insisting I send him my email address ... you know, so we can be friends. Of course I did not send my email address. But then he sort of started threatening and then cajoling ... guys! What the heck is demanding and cajoling going to get you? Unless a woman is somehow turned on by demanding, abusive guys, that tactic is a big loser. Maybe I just need to put this on my blog so you all will get a clue. I'm not available. There! Said it. Just because I don't list my status on Facebook (information privacy reasons ... not leaving it open for people to speculate) doesn't mean I'm available. Imagine this one if you will ... if you all think I'm this attractive perhaps someone in the real world thinks so, too. Additionally, who the heck picks people up on social media? I can see something like or eHarmony since those sites are designed to meet people, but social media is such a mix of people there for a variety of reasons. I'm there for business, and I do stay in touch with my friends, too. I just don't see feeling comfortable enough with some stranger on social media who heralds from Dubai becoming my next lover. Just saying!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Three Mistakes Writers Make

Bogged down in exposition: so many writers will spend so much time setting the stage for the drama to take place that they lose the reader in the sheer volume of the details. Many readers will, in fact, check out of the story long before the aforementioned drama even has a chance to occur. Too much exposition is like sludge to the storytelling process and should be avoided. You can easily and effectively set the stage and then just let the drama unfold.

Too much minutia: as a reader, I really get distracted and often discouraged by writers who fall in love with the minutia. Whether it's a novel or screenplay, you should only include descriptions of things that move stories forward. In screenplays, you should absolutely only mention that which is relevant to the story, period. You should not add unnecessary elements that don't matter. It's distracting and irrelevant to the actual story. Just ask yourself, "How does this push the story forward?" If it doesn't do anything other than entertain your mental muse, toss it out.

Flowery writing is not only out of style but it's not pretty: too many adjectives and too many "floral arrangements" clutter a room and a great story. Keep it clean and easy to read. You want to move your reader seamlessly and effortlessly through the story and not, again, distract them with your flowery language. Don't be mistaken either. Just because you have an amazing vocabulary loaded with knowledges of adjectives and adverbs doesn't mean you should use them all.

3L Publishing offers script and novel coaching services with some of the industry's top professionals. For more information, please send an email to

Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Friday ... It's Not Serious

End of the week achieved! I have a media kit I have to write and put together today, but that's the only major pressure. My TV wouldn't work last night ... "no signal"? I don't watch too much television so it's the first time I noticed it all week. Let me just say this, though: when all you want is to sit and watch a mindless dump of your favorite reruns of Season 4 of True Blood, it sucks when it won't come on! Then I thought, "Oh crap! No I have to call Time Warner Cable ... that ought to be an experience." And then I thought, "What if it's something stupid like I sat on the wrong button?" The "skeezy" cable guy will think I'm a complete idiot. After I had those random musings, I realized perhaps I ought to try different buttons before I hit the actual panic "button" ... didn't work. I could have gone to my computer and surfed the Internet and watched some of my favorites like Eric and Sookie Lovers or MyFutureLover, but the bed screamed louder than my desire. So, I gave it up. I should be writing book three of California Girl Chronicles, but my heart hasn't been into it.

Speaking of True Blood, my favorite Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard appears to have gone on a romantic tear. The gossip sites have just gone wild with reports of his romantic antics and string of women. I would hate having my romantic life reported on every other day. But then again, let me just say this: if you're going to get physical in public with a co-star of a movie you're in, what do you expect? You're famous ... she's famous ... um, and we live in a culture that just loves to gossip. I suspect all parties involved in the "trysting" probably know better and probably don't care enough not to do it. Now if I were any of the women on his apparently growing list, I can tell you this much: I wouldn't even allow myself to be on that list!! Nope! Yeah, guys who get a reputation for being serial daters aka players, uh-uh! And you know (and ladies you should know), I can spot a player from about two miles away. I'm not just talking about the Swedish single guy now either. I meet guys all of the time who will try to run that "energy" on me. It doesn't fly ... ever. Actually, I can be a bit confrontational about it, too. Yet I see (mostly younger women) who get sucked into that vortex. The one nice thing about age and maturity is knowledge. When you know better, it's all good.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Strangest Pick Up Lines Heard Round Facebook

All right up bright and much too early... apparently too early to awaken to a comment on one of my Facebook pictures in which I was told I was "cute" and looked and I quote, "flexible?" Flexible??? Did some guy really have the courage (and I say courage, because Wow it takes some to post something like that) to write that ... in the public portion of my photos no less? The same aforementioned fellow private texted me and told me he was interested (misspellings and all) and asked my age. Okay, new lesson for all you guys out there on the prowl on Facebook, please realize none of what I just wrote is attractive, interesting, alluring or sexy. Do not tell a woman under any circumstances the following: you have good hygiene (how nice for you); ask her age; use text lingo like u r so f-able; message her sexy innuendos when you've never met; tell her you think she "looks" like she would be good in bed (um tacky, tasteless and terrible ... the three Ts); or any of the above. Oh, and don't ask her to send you $1 million either ... you know to your account in Africa. How stupid do I look? Not that stupid, mister!

I have to tell you I think so highly of most people in the general population until I receive these messages on Facebook. My opinion of the male population suddenly declines by a few points. You know guys, a true seduction doesn't involve messaging. It involves getting to know a woman, finding out if she is even remotely interested and available, and then asking her out properly on a real date. I know this might sound rather shocking and old fashioned in this day and age, but good god do not send your secret sex fantasies through Facebook. I don't know who that works on, but it never works on someone like me ... and for the record, my statements are not an invitation either to start sending me poems LOL ... yes, that one has been covered already ... oh, and love notes from someone I don't know. Love is reserved for people I have met, fallen in love with, and want to be with NOT complete strangers. And that is the "just saying" for the day!

Now if you have a book or project you would like to pitch, please send me an email at I welcome and encourage all book pitches even romance books from male authors as long as they don't mistakenly believe that is a seduction technique, too. ;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sexy Fluff vs. Degrading, Unfunny Debasement of Women

You know when you hit a point where you say something like, "Oh that younger generation ..." then you have officially become "old." I decided I've hit that point only after once more torturing myself watching that horrible show Girls about four young women in New York and their social lives. This show is a major hit. And I frankly don't get it. Every single time I watch, I am completely aghast (never turned on) at their frank, soft-core porn approach to twentysomething girls and their dating lives.

The show is supposed to be funny, and I suppose it's making someone out there laugh, but I am more gob-smacked by it more than anything else. I worry about this, because my book California Girl Chronicles is geared partially toward this audience, but at the same time is highly relatable for women my age who in their younger days may have made Brea's mistakes. While California Girl Chronicles is sexy and I hope funny (reviewers have agreed it's funny), it doesn't go down a decidedly unsexy and just plain mean-spirited road that Girls takes. Between this week's episode of Girls where Hannah tries to extort, sue and seduce her boss to the sad reconciliation scene where her other friend finally seduces her boyfriend only to declare she wants to break up in the middle of sex, it just not resonating with me.

The only reason I keep watching is because I want to understand why it's such a hit. And here is possibly the worst moment of the show, Hannah watches her unlikeable, rogue boyfriend masturbate where he orgasms to her taking a $100 out of his dresser, as to what I am assuming is her payoff for participation. Again, what messages are we sending to young women? Low self-esteem, desperation and sadness constitute love in the modern age? I don't know, but if this is what that audience wants to see I think I might have a problem with California Girl. My heroine, while flawed and errant at times, doesn't seduce men for money; she at least respects herself enough not to completely debase herself with guys who don't respect her; and she doesn't accept sexual harassment as a form of employment (see second book when it comes out). California Girl is as one reader said to me is "pure fluff" -- and you know what I think fluff is a heck of a lot more fun than debasement and degradation.

If you would like a copy of California Girl Chronicles or book two, which is only available on my website for the time being, go to and look under Books.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CEO Education: On-the-Job Learning

I blog every day. Some days I can't think of a thing to say. Today is one of those days. So you just have to sit down and let the ideas just pop into your head ...

I was up late working last night and slept in. The perils of being an entrepreneur is that you often get sucked into the minutia of business. Sometimes I think, I don't need to mind the store that closely, do I? And then I just get maybe too comfortable and something goes awry. A few things have gone a little haywire, so I have to focus and get things fixed. You have a fine line. As the CEO you want to delegate and allow your team to fill their roles and responsibilities. But if you get too far away from even your basic operations, you can run into snafus. Training is critical, especially when you're in the middle of transitions. I had counted on my former operations manager to properly train my new one. Well, that did not work out so well. The first one left everything incomplete and didn't transition records. My new operations manager has had to do a lot of guesswork. I didn't even realize all of the gaps in knowledge. I probably should have sat down with her myself and walked her all the way through, but then I had my own transitions in process. Too many transitions at once can be costly.

What is important is that I learn lessons from these situations. When something goes wrong, don't tear your hair out. You have to appreciate each event as a lesson in business.  I have, of course, learned A LOT of often super expensive lessons. What I love about running 3L Publishing and the books we produce -- especially the business and self-help categories -- is I get dig my nose into them. I am continuously being educated by others. Our forthcoming book 10 Powerful Women is so far very intriguing and educational. I've learned a lot of critical pieces of information from that team. How fantastic is that -- on-the-job learning!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Arm Grabbing and Dragging

I have to tell you, I've had some of the best philosophical conversations lately. My girlfriends should all just rule the world and get it over with. What I love about being this age is the sage wisdom I am surrounded by on a daily basis. We've all kind of figured it out to some extent, and it's really quite heartening to explore some of the deeper issues with such amazing women. Sometimes in the middle of major changes and tough situations, you quickly find out who are your friends, and even more interesting find new friends who understand, too.

Yesterday I was talking to a girlfriend, and we were talking about healing. She brought up what I have long since embraced -- you have to feel it to get past it. I spent a lot of time not feeling much. I know it's sad to admit. I just quit having feelings. When did that happen when I am actually quite passionate about life in general. Shutting down is like the slowest tide coming in -- it happens in wave after slow wave. Any of you out there who have done what I call the ultimate "numbing out" will relate. I got really good at just giving up. If you start giving up that's a bad sign. Sometimes you have to stay and fight the good fight. At the same time, there has to be give and acknowledgment, though. I used to think that walking away was the easiest solution to everything. Can't get what you need? Walk away ... yes, I learned to walk away and quit trying ... and hence the numbing began.

I'm sharing these issues with you all to inspire you to think differently. If you're doing any of this, don't! It doesn't work. Now I'm in a new day, and I'm doing a lot of things differently. I'm also giving myself room to heal, feel some pretty shitty stuff, and get past it. I was out with my girlfriend, and I suddenly broke down and just completely lost it. She was awesome and just let me go for it. I'm talking full on walking and sobbing! It was awesome my friends. Let her rip!! It was over something that was said about my situation earlier in the evening. Oh yeah, a complete and total meltdown right there, right then. Oh yeah baby! I went for the pity party with complete emotional force of a hurricane. She stood there and to some extent laughed, and then grabbed me by the arm and drug me home! Pity party over! Next day, I woke up and cleaned out my closet (and the closet friends was also a fantastic metaphor). Completed the process, got the boxes emptied, and got the last of the clothes put properly away.

It's a good life friends! A fantastic life! And for my friends (and one person in particular who knows because I've extended the thank you) who have done a lot of "arm grabbing and dragging" I thank each and every one of you! You are awesome!!! Sometimes you just have to clean out that closet!!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Texting Killed the Voice Call

I finally after resisting it had to break down and text people. It's an interesting floodgate. Once I started doing it, all of my clients and friends must have picked up on the text vibe ... she's texting now let's text her. So, now everyone is texting. Texting has even taken on a form of courtship (among other things). I recently got a surprise text from a male associate out of nowhere. I was surprised to even hear from him. And the texts weren't about work. He was asking me how I was doing and that sort of thing. Pretty soon the texts got a little "flirty" (not really a word) and it dawned on me, this is the new form of the "phone call." Men don't call women anymore. They text them. Think about it. It's almost safer, right? You don't have to face rejection with an actual voice. I also noticed texts are a great way to avoid real conversations, period. Need to talk about something difficult, let's text and that really limits the conversation to how fast your finger can move on the keyboard. I personally think all cold media (email and text) are dangerous forms of communication. Text and email (and messaging for that matter) are "cold" media -- no tone, intonation, or room to fully explain. You can be totally kidding in a text and it can fall painfully flat. When you're working with a client, be careful with texting. Text is good to do something like schedule a conference call or meeting, but that's about it. Do not carry your full interactions on in text message. Mark my words, it will cause way more heartburn than it is worth and actually create unnecessary problems where none exist. Email carries the same issues, but you do have more room to express your thoughts. Balance it all out between the phone, email and text. You know what they say, all things in moderation.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Reasons to Publish a Book for Your Business

Did you know your best sales tool for your business is a book? Here are three reasons you should consider either writing or hiring someone to write a book for your business.

A book is 100 times more effective for selling your business to your clients and customers than a brochure. The one thing I love to point out to clients is that while a person will throw away a brochure, he or she will not throw away a book. They might pass it on to someone else or just shelve it, but they will not instantly toss it out. People value books.

A book is actually cheaper than a brochure. Here is another shocker: if you produce a full-color brochure that is slick and nice, did you know the per price unit cost is actually more expensive than a print run on a book?

A book gives you credibility and a news hook to market and promote your business. Organizations and groups will invite or hire you to come speak to their groups. You know speaking is almost like money in the bank when it comes to exposure and getting more clients. A book positions you as an expert on a subject; people ask experts to speak; and speakers win business if they do a good job.

Would you like a book to promote your business? Please feel free to send me an email at We do custom publishing and can create a winning book to help position your business for more success.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Take Charge, Make Decisions and Take Action!

If I don't blog every day my reader stats go down ... so now I am this committed blogging maniac always trying to find something to say that anyone would care about. Now I am blogging in stream of consciousness ... and all you bloggers out there who blog for your business, try and keep up (wink ... and kidding).

I have this fantastic life, and I have to share some realizations that I hope will help others going through transitions. I have been going through a bunch of stuff lately, and yesterday was a HUGE shift. I took charge of some issues that were dragging me down. If I can help you all with anything at all, here is my advice: never leave something to indecision. Indecision drags you down, and it can become an albatross around your neck. I finally made some very specific, decisive moves. Second, I had been in reaction mode on a number of levels. Sometimes you need to take charge and empower yourself to get out ahead of stuff. And when in a difficult situation, don't let other people dictate anything to you. You always have to figure stuff out on your own. Do not rely on others to do anything for you, because that leaves you with a sense of helplessness. I'm not big on feeling helpless. And I am nobody's victim for sure. So take charge, make some decisions, and take action.

Now that I've done those things, I feel completely better and quite contented. I have clarity on some other things in my life, too. I'm going to do what I'm going to do. It's not about being selfish or unaware; but at the end of the day when the cup has drained, it needs to be refilled, but not to the point where it spills over. You have to recharge your batteries. I love this analogy a fantastic girlfriend told me, "If you were on an airplane and it was going down. You have to grab the oxygen mask for yourself first and then you take care of your child." What a powerful thought. So I realized I needed to take care of myself first, grab the oxygen mask, and then I could take care of my loved ones. Wow! It's great when God puts amazing people in my path. And BTW, there are no accidents!!!

I also have a book on reinvention titled Second Bloom. You can get your own copy on my website under Books. Go to, or send me an email at

Friday, May 4, 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

It's Friday again, and you all know I love to "muse" on Fridays. First, I had a real crazy week, so now I am determined to go out with my radio co-host Sonja Fisher and grab a drink and some girl talk. We were talking last night (and she's got a whopper for the radio show today about her flight from hell), and I said we both needed a big, ole drink and a big laugh. I love sitting around and laughing (it's very healing). I have another friend who sends me funny texts. He probably doesn't realize it (or maybe he does), but I always end up cracking a smile at the amusing things he says, and sometimes completely laughing aloud ... by myself. Does that make me weird LOL ... just kidding. I added a scene in the pilot version of my book California Girl Chronicles where my character Brea has a drink on an empty stomach and ends up with the giggles. I am like that, which is why I added it. I remember one time I went out with a girlfriend and had this drink "thing" called a snow cone. It was some rainbow multi-colored liquor thing. Now mind you, I really don't drink but one drink when I do drink (that was repetitious) and it doesn't take much to set me off on a tear. So, I had this rainbow concoction and a half a glass of wine ... oh no! I was sitting at this table in a hotel in this great restaurant in San Francisco. I went to stand up to return to my room ... uh-oh! And then the giggles hit with an uncontrollable thrill. I started laughing so hard, and you know it was so great! I walked like halfway down the hallway and fell against the wall laughing uncontrollably. This act went on all the way back where I tumbled into the room, landed on the ground near my suitcase, and kept right on laughing. My friend at the time was just amused and astounded. You have to know me to appreciate this ... 5' 9" all legs and arms and very thin ... on the ground rolling! It is making me smile right now even thinking about it. And you know what, I need some of that! Bring it on!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

California Girl Chronicles Trailer ... Sexy is Sometimes Subtle

So I got a note from a former male colleague who said the California Girl Chronicles trailer (click here) made him blush! You know what is really funny? That trailer only describes a kiss! A kiss not sex! I have to laugh. You see when you write true erotica that isn't so straightforward (think porn), it can be very misleading. The mere suggestion and nothing more than an amazing kiss between two characters and someone blushes over it? I mean, I would maybe blush if it described a sex act. All it really describes are Brea's feelings as she is meeting and kissing the man of her desires. Of course she is turned on -- that's the point. What adds a layer of sexy is the voice-over work provided by the amazing Sonja Fisher. She did an incredible job with voice and inflection to add a richer, deeper level of sexiness and desire. When I heard it, I was astounded. I didn't expect her to go that far. If you have not yet viewed the trailer, please be sure to click above and pass it along. If you think that is amazingly erotic and beautifully written, please purchase a copy of the book, The California Girl Chronicles available on Amazon in print and eBook; it is also available for Nook and iBook. The book has received dozens of positive reviews.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

True Blood: The Countdown is On to Season 5

Now HBO is releasing the trailers and glimpses into Season 5 of True Blood. The focus seems to mostly be on the release of the infamous, terrorizing and crazy Russell Edgington. This week's "Waiting Sucks" showed Eric questioning his progeny Pam's loyalty and her demand that if he doesn't trust her to release her. Yeah, this looked like pretty good stuff to me. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to Sunday nights again. The new season starts on June 24. Much like my all-time favorite shows which include Friends, Seinfeld, Sex in the City, Entourage and Sopranos, I will eagerly sit and watch new episodes. I haven't been addicted to a great comedy in the long time.

Friends provided many great memories for me, too. I used to shut out the house and every Thursday night watch it mostly alone and crack up. You know what cracking up sounds really, really great right about now. I need a really fantastic, deep laugh. Believe it or not, True Blood doesn't crack me up as much as I love the fantastic one-liners. I always admire great writing. It gives me a benchmark to go for.

Speaking of writing, I am very close to releasing to producers the California Girl Chronicles pilot episode. I am excited about it. I had a lot of fun writing it. It was something that for the first time in weeks, I was able to block out my thoughts, concentrate, and just go for it. Other writers can probably relate to this: when I write I am out of body and feels darned fabulous. I am unfortunately one of these people who is always all up in her own head. I have also been working with an amazing screenwriting coach to fine-tune the project. If you have the chance to read someone's work who is as accomplished as my coach, you can immediately see the difference. I am a produced screenwriter myself, but I don't have nearly the breadth of experience. I have the book format down perfectly, though (go to the 3L Publishing).

Okay, so you all want to know the best things about living in Marina del Rey? Let's start with the fundamental basics. The temperature is near perfect around here: warm in the day and cool at night. I don't have to turn on my air conditioner or heater (electric and gas bills will be really cheap). Because I live a block from the ocean, I don't suffer LA smog. The ocean breezes blow that crap inland. When I sit by the pool and look up, I see perfectly blue skies. In fact, over the weekend the sky was a magnificent clear blue and perfectly cloudless. Where I live, it's perfectly quiet except for the occasional sound of neighbors, which I don't mind, because it comforts me I am not alone. I never feel nervous being alone here either. In my old house I hated being alone at night. Everything I need is in walking distance so I never have to drive, because I run the business from home. So, you see! All good.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Girls and Veep Renewed

I was speaking with my girlfriend Sonja Fisher yesterday, and she mentioned that in the Hollywood Reporter it was announced that the two HBO shows about women, Girls and Veep were renewed for a second season. I was not at all surprised about Veep. It's really a great show. Once more on last week's episode Julia Louis-Dreyfus delivered yet another pitch-perfect comedic performance, especially as they had to sort of lift her up so she could keep her knees together (she got very sick) and get her into the limo. Girls, on the other hand, continued to consistently make me scratch my head and ask the ongoing question, "What is so funny about this?" So far, I have no cracked a smile. This show just continually capitalizes on young women not esteeming themselves. At one point, we had the only attractive girl on the show have a sexual run-in with an artist that resulted in her locking herself in the nearest restroom to masturbate. Was that supposed to be funny, sexy ... I sort of don't know. I thought it was slightly embarrassing myself. I felt for the actress who had to play that scene. Yes, that elicited a response much like last week's episode where Hannah's face is smashed to the side during a sex scene. And this show isn't broad in the least. It's completely fixated on sex and boy-girl relationships. The entire show revolved around Hannah contracting an STD. She's supposed to be trying to get a job as a writer ... well, that is not really happening. She's spending more time having sex with her weird, loser boyfriend. The real question is, "Why do I keep watching?"