Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Friday ... It's Not Serious

End of the week achieved! I have a media kit I have to write and put together today, but that's the only major pressure. My TV wouldn't work last night ... "no signal"? I don't watch too much television so it's the first time I noticed it all week. Let me just say this, though: when all you want is to sit and watch a mindless dump of your favorite reruns of Season 4 of True Blood, it sucks when it won't come on! Then I thought, "Oh crap! No I have to call Time Warner Cable ... that ought to be an experience." And then I thought, "What if it's something stupid like I sat on the wrong button?" The "skeezy" cable guy will think I'm a complete idiot. After I had those random musings, I realized perhaps I ought to try different buttons before I hit the actual panic "button" ... didn't work. I could have gone to my computer and surfed the Internet and watched some of my favorites like Eric and Sookie Lovers or MyFutureLover, but the bed screamed louder than my desire. So, I gave it up. I should be writing book three of California Girl Chronicles, but my heart hasn't been into it.

Speaking of True Blood, my favorite Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard appears to have gone on a romantic tear. The gossip sites have just gone wild with reports of his romantic antics and string of women. I would hate having my romantic life reported on every other day. But then again, let me just say this: if you're going to get physical in public with a co-star of a movie you're in, what do you expect? You're famous ... she's famous ... um, and we live in a culture that just loves to gossip. I suspect all parties involved in the "trysting" probably know better and probably don't care enough not to do it. Now if I were any of the women on his apparently growing list, I can tell you this much: I wouldn't even allow myself to be on that list!! Nope! Yeah, guys who get a reputation for being serial daters aka players, uh-uh! And you know (and ladies you should know), I can spot a player from about two miles away. I'm not just talking about the Swedish single guy now either. I meet guys all of the time who will try to run that "energy" on me. It doesn't fly ... ever. Actually, I can be a bit confrontational about it, too. Yet I see (mostly younger women) who get sucked into that vortex. The one nice thing about age and maturity is knowledge. When you know better, it's all good.

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