Friday, May 4, 2012

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

It's Friday again, and you all know I love to "muse" on Fridays. First, I had a real crazy week, so now I am determined to go out with my radio co-host Sonja Fisher and grab a drink and some girl talk. We were talking last night (and she's got a whopper for the radio show today about her flight from hell), and I said we both needed a big, ole drink and a big laugh. I love sitting around and laughing (it's very healing). I have another friend who sends me funny texts. He probably doesn't realize it (or maybe he does), but I always end up cracking a smile at the amusing things he says, and sometimes completely laughing aloud ... by myself. Does that make me weird LOL ... just kidding. I added a scene in the pilot version of my book California Girl Chronicles where my character Brea has a drink on an empty stomach and ends up with the giggles. I am like that, which is why I added it. I remember one time I went out with a girlfriend and had this drink "thing" called a snow cone. It was some rainbow multi-colored liquor thing. Now mind you, I really don't drink but one drink when I do drink (that was repetitious) and it doesn't take much to set me off on a tear. So, I had this rainbow concoction and a half a glass of wine ... oh no! I was sitting at this table in a hotel in this great restaurant in San Francisco. I went to stand up to return to my room ... uh-oh! And then the giggles hit with an uncontrollable thrill. I started laughing so hard, and you know it was so great! I walked like halfway down the hallway and fell against the wall laughing uncontrollably. This act went on all the way back where I tumbled into the room, landed on the ground near my suitcase, and kept right on laughing. My friend at the time was just amused and astounded. You have to know me to appreciate this ... 5' 9" all legs and arms and very thin ... on the ground rolling! It is making me smile right now even thinking about it. And you know what, I need some of that! Bring it on!!

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