Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Reasons to Publish a Book for Your Business

Did you know your best sales tool for your business is a book? Here are three reasons you should consider either writing or hiring someone to write a book for your business.

A book is 100 times more effective for selling your business to your clients and customers than a brochure. The one thing I love to point out to clients is that while a person will throw away a brochure, he or she will not throw away a book. They might pass it on to someone else or just shelve it, but they will not instantly toss it out. People value books.

A book is actually cheaper than a brochure. Here is another shocker: if you produce a full-color brochure that is slick and nice, did you know the per price unit cost is actually more expensive than a print run on a book?

A book gives you credibility and a news hook to market and promote your business. Organizations and groups will invite or hire you to come speak to their groups. You know speaking is almost like money in the bank when it comes to exposure and getting more clients. A book positions you as an expert on a subject; people ask experts to speak; and speakers win business if they do a good job.

Would you like a book to promote your business? Please feel free to send me an email at We do custom publishing and can create a winning book to help position your business for more success.

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