Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Strangest Pick Up Lines Heard Round Facebook

All right up bright and much too early... apparently too early to awaken to a comment on one of my Facebook pictures in which I was told I was "cute" and looked and I quote, "flexible?" Flexible??? Did some guy really have the courage (and I say courage, because Wow it takes some to post something like that) to write that ... in the public portion of my photos no less? The same aforementioned fellow private texted me and told me he was interested (misspellings and all) and asked my age. Okay, new lesson for all you guys out there on the prowl on Facebook, please realize none of what I just wrote is attractive, interesting, alluring or sexy. Do not tell a woman under any circumstances the following: you have good hygiene (how nice for you); ask her age; use text lingo like u r so f-able; message her sexy innuendos when you've never met; tell her you think she "looks" like she would be good in bed (um tacky, tasteless and terrible ... the three Ts); or any of the above. Oh, and don't ask her to send you $1 million either ... you know to your account in Africa. How stupid do I look? Not that stupid, mister!

I have to tell you I think so highly of most people in the general population until I receive these messages on Facebook. My opinion of the male population suddenly declines by a few points. You know guys, a true seduction doesn't involve messaging. It involves getting to know a woman, finding out if she is even remotely interested and available, and then asking her out properly on a real date. I know this might sound rather shocking and old fashioned in this day and age, but good god do not send your secret sex fantasies through Facebook. I don't know who that works on, but it never works on someone like me ... and for the record, my statements are not an invitation either to start sending me poems LOL ... yes, that one has been covered already ... oh, and love notes from someone I don't know. Love is reserved for people I have met, fallen in love with, and want to be with NOT complete strangers. And that is the "just saying" for the day!

Now if you have a book or project you would like to pitch, please send me an email at info@3LPublishing.com. I welcome and encourage all book pitches even romance books from male authors as long as they don't mistakenly believe that is a seduction technique, too. ;)

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