Thursday, May 3, 2012

California Girl Chronicles Trailer ... Sexy is Sometimes Subtle

So I got a note from a former male colleague who said the California Girl Chronicles trailer (click here) made him blush! You know what is really funny? That trailer only describes a kiss! A kiss not sex! I have to laugh. You see when you write true erotica that isn't so straightforward (think porn), it can be very misleading. The mere suggestion and nothing more than an amazing kiss between two characters and someone blushes over it? I mean, I would maybe blush if it described a sex act. All it really describes are Brea's feelings as she is meeting and kissing the man of her desires. Of course she is turned on -- that's the point. What adds a layer of sexy is the voice-over work provided by the amazing Sonja Fisher. She did an incredible job with voice and inflection to add a richer, deeper level of sexiness and desire. When I heard it, I was astounded. I didn't expect her to go that far. If you have not yet viewed the trailer, please be sure to click above and pass it along. If you think that is amazingly erotic and beautifully written, please purchase a copy of the book, The California Girl Chronicles available on Amazon in print and eBook; it is also available for Nook and iBook. The book has received dozens of positive reviews.

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