Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Sunday ... More Eye Rolling ... Guys! Guys! Guys!

Maybe if I blog about this stuff enough, I'll actually have an impact ... do you think? Today's eye roll (and mostly this stuff makes me laugh because it's so ridiculous). Today's message on Facebook was about my sexiness and (get ready for this one), a question about what color my toes are painted! Let me see, let's keep a score card of come-on nonsense (this will be fun): I look "flexible"; oh, I had one strange guy invite himself along on my vacation; I also got an offer to spend a week in one guy's "Italian Villa" LOL (complete stranger invites me to his villa ... that's a good one ... where do I get a plane ticket? Ha! Kidding); and today's stupidity ... what color are my toes painted? Here is a way better question, "What planet are you from?" Oh, I also had another guy after I told him I wasn't available keep insisting I send him my email address ... you know, so we can be friends. Of course I did not send my email address. But then he sort of started threatening and then cajoling ... guys! What the heck is demanding and cajoling going to get you? Unless a woman is somehow turned on by demanding, abusive guys, that tactic is a big loser. Maybe I just need to put this on my blog so you all will get a clue. I'm not available. There! Said it. Just because I don't list my status on Facebook (information privacy reasons ... not leaving it open for people to speculate) doesn't mean I'm available. Imagine this one if you will ... if you all think I'm this attractive perhaps someone in the real world thinks so, too. Additionally, who the heck picks people up on social media? I can see something like or eHarmony since those sites are designed to meet people, but social media is such a mix of people there for a variety of reasons. I'm there for business, and I do stay in touch with my friends, too. I just don't see feeling comfortable enough with some stranger on social media who heralds from Dubai becoming my next lover. Just saying!

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