Thursday, May 24, 2012

Vacation Time

Sometimes you just have to take a real vacation. As entrepreneurs we have this tendency to never give ourselves downtime. I haven't had a real vacation in a year. When I worked corporate every six months, I would take off for two weeks. Since my schedule got so intense with 3L Publishing, my vacation time dwindled to a week and maybe a long weekend. No time off is a recipe for burnout. You can't keep up such a hectic pace without taking time to recharge your batteries. We all need downtime to balance our lives between work and family. Plus, my personal life has really been in chaos. So between the personal challenges and the workload, I felt I was heading for major burnout. And with that, you take the bull by the horns and take that much-needed break. Take my advice, life's too short not to enjoy it.

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