Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting the Popcorn Ready ... True Blood Season 5

I've been so busy working and keeping manuscripts running through 3L Publishing, I swear and not kidding, I've watched maybe 30 minutes of TV the past two weeks. I know some people would tell that is a good thing, but not necessarily when you're trying to work in the business and track what is going on. I realized I even missed the season finale of House, one of my top favorites. No worries though I will just buy the box set and have a marathon weekend.

One thing, though, that I will not miss is True Blood Season 5 which starts June 24. Oh, be rest assured I will be eagerly propped on my sofa just in time for that one. The few trailers I've seen make it look like the season is shifting more toward action and explosions. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing for the campy dramaedy. With Alan Ball set to step down for Season 6, we might have quite a few shifts about to come into play. True Blood has in the past emphasized relationships and not the explosions so much. But don't judge a season on a few trailers meant to be all about the sizzle and steak. We do have the return of the deranged Russell Edgington to look forward to and Chris Meloni coming on board as some kind of mega vampire "authority" leader that includes some kind of blood ritual, too. So much press about the "hunky" Meloni. I kind of shrugged over him. Oh no my girl thrills and allegiance always go toward my swedish delight Alexander Skarsgard ... Chris who? I can't wait to see what becomes of my love-scorned Viking. One clip shows him in quite a lover's clench. Does he get over Sookie enough to get busy with a new love interest ... or at least drum up enough lust to get down with it? Let's hope so, because Skarsgard without a shirt on is always just yummy! Although me with celebrities, since I live in plastic LA LA land my chances of seeing him in person greatly increased. I would probably just shrug and say, "Oh, look." And move on. I know so funny. It's only more interesting and glamourous when it's on the screen. Aside from that, I have someone in my life who makes me smile in all sorts of way ;).

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