Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Change Brings Opportunities

And speaking of friends, I want to thank all the Friend-Os out there who have watched me recent personal struggles and sent me so much warmth and support. I am grateful for the love! I am starting to rebound, and imagine this one! I am eating three square meals again. I had dropped an unwanted amount of weight that has left my already lean frame emaciated. It's not that I wasn't eating. I was on the "S" diet program, as in stress. Change, whether it's good or bad, can take its toll and create stress. I am resilient, and I don't mind change per se, but I do mind change after change after change. Now I will never go too deep on my personal life, but I do have a very bright spot in all of this change ... well, several bright spots in fact.

We are now finalizing a few projects, and I expect to launch some new ones in the very new future. We have in the pipeline about to go into production Death Grip, Seven Keys to Freedom, 10 Powerful Women and California Girl Chronicles book two (it is waiting for an official release date); about to go to print is Under the Sycamores, which is a beautifully written love story that I will start to promote very soon to the media. I am just now starting to prep the media kit. We've also got our new screenplay services under way with our consultant Scott Roberts, who is also coaching the book Bart Simpson is Sleeping with Your Wife (don't you just love that title) and an unnamed screenplay. We've got some new projects coming soon, too.

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