Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Girls and Veep Renewed

I was speaking with my girlfriend Sonja Fisher yesterday, and she mentioned that in the Hollywood Reporter it was announced that the two HBO shows about women, Girls and Veep were renewed for a second season. I was not at all surprised about Veep. It's really a great show. Once more on last week's episode Julia Louis-Dreyfus delivered yet another pitch-perfect comedic performance, especially as they had to sort of lift her up so she could keep her knees together (she got very sick) and get her into the limo. Girls, on the other hand, continued to consistently make me scratch my head and ask the ongoing question, "What is so funny about this?" So far, I have no cracked a smile. This show just continually capitalizes on young women not esteeming themselves. At one point, we had the only attractive girl on the show have a sexual run-in with an artist that resulted in her locking herself in the nearest restroom to masturbate. Was that supposed to be funny, sexy ... I sort of don't know. I thought it was slightly embarrassing myself. I felt for the actress who had to play that scene. Yes, that elicited a response much like last week's episode where Hannah's face is smashed to the side during a sex scene. And this show isn't broad in the least. It's completely fixated on sex and boy-girl relationships. The entire show revolved around Hannah contracting an STD. She's supposed to be trying to get a job as a writer ... well, that is not really happening. She's spending more time having sex with her weird, loser boyfriend. The real question is, "Why do I keep watching?"

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